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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mid-County Soccer Club is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality opportunities for young people to play soccer in Santa Cruz

competitive surf teams

2018 fall Tryouts

All Santa Cruz Mid-County Surf teams hold tryouts over 2 weekends (2/3-4 & 2/10-11) for the  upcoming Fall 2018 season. For those teams who play year-round and have vacancies will use tryouts to form a Spring roster. Spring rosters and fall rosters are not always the same. Talk to the individual coach to see what their roster needs are for each upcoming season.

Players are evaluated on a number of factors. Skill, focus, tenacity, intensity and knowledge of the game are just a few factors coaches will take into consideration when evaluating players. players DO NOT have to attend both weekend tryouts. 

Tryouts are held at Soquel High School rain or shine. Please refer to our Comp Tryout Schedule page for specific times for each age group.


Over 250 players participate in Santa Cruz Mid-County’s competitive soccer program, known as Santa Cruz Mid-County Surf. Our competitive teams are for boys and girls ages 7 to 19 who show heightened interest, dedication and ability to play soccer. Comp players should demonstrate a passion to play the game of soccer at an advanced level and a focus and willingness to always improve and develop their skills.

Our competitive teams play in the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) Cal North District 2 league (CCSL) Teams participate in tournaments throughout northern California and sometimes venture out and play in more statewide events. Comp teams also participate in League play consisting of a 10-game season from early September to the end of November. Most comp teams begin practicing in mid-July to early August, but it is not uncommon for Surf teams to play in Summer tournaments. It is up to each individual coach to determine their own practice and tournament schedule. Some comp teams play in the Spring League as well as the Fall.

Surf teams compete in all competitive divisions including Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold Elite for their age group. Many of our Surf teams are current and former League and District Cup champions!

The club relies on volunteers to coach its competitive teams.  All Comp coaches must possess a minimum United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Class E License. For more information see the Coaches section below.



As required by California Youth Soccer Association Cal North, all Santa Cruz Mid-County Surf coaches hold a minimum USSF (United States Soccer Federation) National E License. This is an 18-hour course, including both field and classroom training. All coaches must pass a final exam to complete the course and receive their license. The club's parent organization, Santa Cruz County Youth Soccer League (SCCYSL), sponsors all coaching courses. For complete info on Comp coaching requirements, training and schedule, please visit the SCCYSL coach's page at

For more information on coaching or any other comp-related matter please contact our Competitive Team Coordinator and Director of Coaching, Carlos Chagolla


-- 2016 SURF Teams, Coaches & managers --


Team: Surf 07 Girls

Coach: Tom Brady

Coach: Paul Tumason

Manager: Whitney Smith


Team: Surf 06 Girls

Coach: Jose Sierra             

Assistant#1 Brian McGinley

Assistant#2 Dwayne Dawson:

Assistant#3  Rafael Vaca SC

Manager: Cassandra Jarrell


Team:  Surf 04 Girls

CoachHillel Rom      

AssistantGeoff Rilling

ManagerGeoff Rilling


Team: Surf 02 Girls

Coach:  Jon Baron

Assistant:  Elfin Saffer

Manager:  Michael Kelley


Team: Surf 01 Girls

Coach: Kelly Binger

Assistant Joe Armstrong 

Manager Christine Binger

ManagerVirginia Nosky

Trainer:  Katie Binger (unpaid)


Team: Surf 00 Girls

Coach: Russell Hilton

Assistant: Bob Veach

Assistant:  Sandy Beck

Manager Bob Veach


Team:  Surf 99 Girls

Coach:  Hillel Rom

Assistant: Paul O'Hare

Manager: Paul O'Hare


Team: Surf 08 Boys

Coach: Russell Hilton

Assistant: TBD

Manager: TBD


Team: Surf 08 Boys

Coach: Mike Fong

Assistant: TBD

Manager: TBD


Team: Surf 07 Boys

Coach: Nate Downs     

Coach: Phil Buehrig      

Assistant:  TBD

Manager:  Whitney Smith

Manager Erin Cortes    


Team: Surf 06 Boys

Coach: Alan Alcocer,  

Assistant: Troy Depuydt,

Manager: Gina Vitali, 


Team: Surf 05 Boys Red

Coach; Alan Alcocer :

Assistant: Troy Depoyt :

Manager: Elise


Team: Surf 05 Boys White

Coach: Chris Irving  

Coach: Brian McGinley

Assistant: Phill Buehrig

Manager: Carmen Irving


Team: Surf 05 Boys Blue

Coach: Troy Depuydt,

Assistant: Mark Battey

Manager: TBD


Team:  Surf 04 Boys Blue

Coach: Carlos Chagolla

Assistant: Jeremy Nama

Manager: Anna Castillo


Team:  Surf 04 Boys White

 Coach:  Ken Wickman

Assistant: Nate Downs

Assistant: Jason Morvay

Manager:  TBD


Team:  Surf 03 Boys

Coach: Grover Phillips

Assistant: Steve Bonar:

Manager:  Michelle Buell

Team: Surf 02 Boys

Coach:  David Carrillo

Assistant: TBD

Manager: TBD

Team:  Surf 99 Boys

Coach:  Jon Baron      

Assistant:  Elfin Saffer

Manager:  Michael Kelley