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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mid-County Soccer Club is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality opportunities for young people to play soccer in Santa Cruz

Surf (competitive) FAQ

Most questions can be answered by looking over the new Mid County Soccer website.  

Please review the site and the FAQ's before sending an email.

Question: What is Comp Soccer?

Answer: Comp Soccer is the competitive side of Mid-County Youth Soccer Club. Known as Santa Cruz Mid-County Surf, Comp teams are select teams formed through multiple tryout sessions. ALL Comp players must go through the tryout process each year and be extended an invitation to play on their respective team. For more information, see our Comp info page.

Question: Can Comp players play in different age groups besides their own?

Answer: Comp players can play up an age group but can't play down. Ex. a U11 player can play U12 if they have the skill level and are extended an invitation for that team...but that same player can't play down in U10. Teams are limited to the number of players playing up. All players who play up must be approved by the Comp Coordinator.

Question: Is there travel involved in Comp Soccer?

Answer: Yes. Comp teams compete in regional tournaments and CYSA CalNorth District 2 league play ( Teams are placed in leagues based on geographical location, however, depending on the number of teams available, it is common to travel to San Jose, Monterey or beyond for a league match.

Question: Who determines tournament schedules?

Answer: It is up to each individual coach to choose their own tournament schedule. Most Comp teams compete in 2-3 per season, but it is not uncommon for more established teams to do more. All Surf teams are highly encouraged to play in the CalNorth District II Cup.

Question: What is District Cup?

Answer: District Cup is for bragging rights amongst peer teams in your geographical district. It occurs twice a year at the end of the Fall and Spring seasons. Teams are bracketed based on state and local rankings. Most games are held at the prestigious soccer complex in Morgan Hill.

Question: Do Mid-County Surf teams compete year round?

Answer: There are a handful of Surf teams that compete in Spring League. It is up to the individual coach to determine if they want their team to play Spring soccer.

Question: How often do Comp teams practice?

Answer: Typically, Comp teams practice 2 days a week for 2 hours each session. Some teams will hold additional training during the week or on weekends.

Question: Is there additional training available for Comp players?

Answer: Yes. Santa Cruz Mid-County Youth Soccer Club will offer a Surf Skills Summer Camp with special appearances by former pro players and trainers. Specialized goalkeeper training will also be made available during the course of the season.

Question: How do I know if a player might be ready for Comp soccer?

Answer: If a player demonstrates above average soccer skills along with an intense desire to compete at a high level and is committed to always improving their game... that player could make a good candidate for Comp Soccer. For younger players, soccer skills aren't fully developed so a potential Comp player should show a tenacity, focus and dedication to compete and constantly improve their game.

Question: How much more of a commitment is Comp Soccer than Rec?

Answer: Quite a bit. Comp teams compete in tournaments that require added costs and travel. League play also entails traveling for away games. Comp teams typically practice 4+ hours a week and will sometimes have additional training/clinics. Players have to purchase their own uniforms, and there are usually additional costs as well.

Question: How do I become a Comp coach?

Answer: All Comp coaches must obtain a minimum USSF (United States Soccer Federation) Class E License. This is an 18-hour course, including both field and classroom training. You must pass a final exam to complete the course and receive your license. For complete info on Comp coaching requirements, training and schedule, please visit the Santa Cruz County League coach's page at

Question: How do I contact the league for additional info regarding Comp Soccer?

Answer: See the Contact information page for our Comp Coordinator's contact info.

Question: Are scholarships available for Comp players?

Answer: Yes. Each individual Comp coach can determine how many scholarships they allocate for rostered players. Scholarship players receive a discount on their registration fees.

Scholarships are available; please ask for an application at the walk-in registration or download here >>