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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mid-County Soccer Club is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality opportunities for young people to play soccer in Santa Cruz

Live Oak Field of Dreams


Community members and the Mid-County Soccer League are rallying behind plans to build a state-of-the-art multipurpose community athletic complex in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz. Dubbed the Live Oak Field of Dreams, the vision is to build a safe, environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art multipurpose athletic complex on the Shoreline Middle School campus. The athletic complex will have modern synthetic turf, a walking/jogging track, low-impact lighting and picnic areas.

The current field at Shoreline Middle School is underutilized, unsafe, and expensive to maintain. Installation of new, high quality synthetic turf field will deter injuries, eliminate watering and cut maintenance costs by two thirds. The perimeter track will promote physical fitness opportunities for both students and adults. Picnic areas will be utilized by local neighborhood groups. Lighting will permit year-round early evening use. Additionally, the recreational facility will become a positive gathering place for the community and will be able to host a number of special events beneficial to the public.

The Goal

Imagine a completely rebuilt athletic field, which can be used for soccer (multiple configurations), lacrosse, flag football, and other sporting activities that will provide the Live Oak community with a supportive environment for physical fitness and family involvement.

School Benefits

Currently the grass field is unavailable to physical education classes in the rainy season due to drainage problems. When the field dries out it is beset by uneven surfaces and numerous gopher holes, making it one of the most unsafe playing surfaces in the county. The installation of synthetic turf will allow the school to use the field during the entire year, allowing for uninterrupted intramural games and safe use by PE classes and after school sport teams. It will become a tremendous asset for Shoreline Middle School and the Live Oak School District in educating our youth about the benefits of fitness and exercise.

    Soccer Community

    Santa Cruz has several adult and youth leagues that are desperate for more fields. The Live Oak fields will get frequent use from these leagues for regular scheduled games and tournaments. The Shoreline campus is conveniently located in the Mid-County area with good parking, bike lane infrastructure and the rail corridor nearby (which hopefully will become a wide alternative transportation throughway). The rent received from the leagues have the added benefit of contributing to field maintenance, as well as turf replacement costs every ten or twelve years. The state-of-the-art complex will become a main focal point for soccer (and other athletic play) in the county.

    Community Benefits

    Live Oak loves soccer! The game is engrained in the local culture and enjoyed by all! The close proximity of the Simpkins Swim Center, The Boys and Girls Club and Schwan Lake State Park will establish the complex as an ideal, vibrant center for the entire community. We envision lots of healthy, safe and rewarding activities taking place on a daily basis. Weekends will especially foster positive family gatherings. Sunday afternoons will be reserved for community play with moms, dads and kids enjoying leisure time on the multi-use fields, at the picnic tables, and on the surrounding track. The construction of this wonderful facility will make this area of Live Oak a true destination where fitness, family, education and community are supported and strengthened.

    Quick Field Facts


    • Shoreline Middle School, Live Oak, Santa Cruz, CA


    • Artificial Turf
    • 110 Yard X 65 Yard Soccer Field
    • Two 65 Yard X 50 Yard Soccer Fields
    • Striped for La Crosse
    • LED Lighting for Evenings
    • Walking/Jogging Track
    • Score Board
    • 2 Restrooms
    • 7 Picnic Tables


    • Local Corporations and Individuals
    • Lead Donors, Bill and Brigid Simpkins, $1,000,000
    • Major Donors will be identified on the scoreboard.
    • Except for specific grant proposal writing, all fundraising is volunteer


      • May 2019 to Oct 2019


      • $1,850,000 Projected

      Who Will Use The Field

      • School Days, 555 Shoreline students (52% Hispanic)
      • After School and Summer Days, 800 players from Mid County Soccer (600 Families)
      • Evenings, 300 Adults in Leagues
      • La Crosse practice
      • Adults on Walking/Jogging track
      • The Field will be open to Families on Sundays for picnics and family gatherings.