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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mid-County Soccer Club is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality opportunities for young people to play soccer in Santa Cruz


PERFECT PITCH: live oak community soccer field

LO perspective.PNG


Kids playing soccer until 8 pm on a drizzling December evening; parents walking a track while their kids practice without fear of twisting an ankle. Kids looking up at a scoreboard as the final seconds tick off the clock, erupting in joy over their hard-fought win.

All this and more will be possible if we join Bill in funding the Live Oak Community Soccer Field.  

WHAT IS INCLUDED? A full size, artificial turf, soccer pitch (65 yd x 110 yd), plus lines for cross field small sided games; a turf surface running track around the field, benches and tables for picnics, lights allowing Winter, evening play and a scoreboard. The plan is to use cork in fill instead of standard rubber for a better, healthier experience.  Learn more about cork vs. rubber here.

WHEN IS IT BEING BUILT?  Construction would commence Spring of 2019 and finish for opening day for Fall 2019 soccer season.

HOW CAN WE HELP? Tax-deductible donations and sponsorship of the field.  Email for more information.

To learn more about the project and what is needed, click here.